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People's Daily,China
The largest newspaper group in China; Timely updates
People's Daily,China 15分钟
Fuxing bullet trains to cut -Beijing travel time to 4.5 hours at a top speed of 350 kilometers per hour
People's Daily,China 53分钟
Photos taken on March 12, 2018, show the moment when a kingfisher catches fish on a pond at the Plum Garden in City, east China's Jiangsu Province. (Photo/Xinhua)
People's Daily,China 1小时
China's securities regulators have penalized 339 listed companies for violations including insider trading and market manipulation since 2017, imposing fines totaling 7.48B yuan ($1.18B) last year, up 74.74% YOY
People's Daily,China 2小时
A colossal rolling cloud was seen recently hanging low above the sea in the city of New Orleans, as if it were rising from the ocean. The incredible arcus cloud is a rare formation that usually appears with a cumulonimbus cloud
People's Daily,China 2小时
Although 20-somethings and those in their early 30s are usually at the peak years for health, most Chinese millennials already feel anxious when thinking about the second half of their life, said a recent survey.
People's Daily,China 3小时
China's biggest self-developed shield tunneling machine for export rolled off the production line, Tue. With a diameter of 12.12m & nearly 4 stories high, the 2,200-ton machine will be used for China's largest oversea shield tunnel project-- Karnaphuli River Tunnel in Bangladesh
People's Daily,China 3小时
Not camera shy: An orphaned bear cub waves its tiny fluffy paw as it recovers at a bear rescue center in Bubonitsy, . The cub is fed a special baby milk formula and is flourishing in the care of the rehab workers
People's Daily,China 4小时
mulls new national standard on raw milk to better regulate the market order and meet demands of different consumers
People's Daily,China 5小时
Better pensions proposed for high level talent in China to enhance the country's competitiveness in keeping them long term
People's Daily,China 6小时
Behold! Feast your eyes on a sea of purple-pink flowers in SW China's , as charming cherry blossoms bloom after a thunderstorm on Wednesday
People's Daily,China 7小时
Russia is ready to include Chinese language into the country's Unified State Exam as the fifth option of foreign language component, said head of Russia's Federal Service for the Supervision of Education and Science on Wed
People's Daily,China 8小时
Newly-elected Chairman Wang Yang addresses closing meeting of China's top political advisory body. WATCH LIVE:
People's Daily,China 8小时
An eco-friendly hydrogen fuel cell-powered bus has made its debut in Chengdu, capital of Province. The 10.5-meter long bus can travel 500-600 km on a full tank of gaseous hydrogen and run on electric batteries if it runs out of fuel
People's Daily,China 8小时
The 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (), China's top political advisory body, is holding the closing meeting of its annual session in Beijing
People's Daily,China 8小时
China is developing autonomous bullet trains to better facilitate the , disclosed the chief researcher at the China Academy of Railway Sciences
People's Daily,China 9小时
China’s emerging first-tier cities such as Hangzhou, Chengdu, Suzhou, and Xiamen have become popular destinations for talent, outperforming Beijing and Shanghai in attracting professionals thanks to their vibrant business community and abundant opportunities
People's Daily,China 9小时
A navigation app based on China's home-grown Navigation Satellite System is expected to be launched on May 1
People's Daily,China 12小时
Tourists take a steam locomotive on a sight-seeing trip in Qianwei County of southwest China's Sichuan Province. The narrow-gauge steam locomotives here were listed as an industrial heritage. (Xinhua)
People's Daily,China 18小时
Scientists from the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica under the Chinese Academy of Sciences have constructed a bionic nanodevice, named rHS-DTX, which could provide a strategy for targeted therapy for metastatic breast cancer.
People's Daily,China 19小时
wishes to work with new US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, to manage differences between the two countries and to continue working together with on hotpot issues: FM spokesperson said on Wed
People's Daily,China 19小时
Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday extended his congratulations to Angela Merkel on her re-election as German chancellor for the fourth time.
People's Daily,China 20小时
Zhao Jiahui, a graduate from Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, creates vivid 3D paintings of golden fish using resin and colorants that even a cat mistook for real fish.
People's Daily,China 20小时
: Russian lawmaker does not rule out expelling more than 23 British diplomats, RIA reports
People's Daily,China 21小时
: British PM May announced Britain to expel 23 Russian diplomats over spy poisoning row with Russia
People's Daily,China 21小时
This is how I lost my favorite toy...but I swear this is not my fault
People's Daily,China 22小时
constructed over 24,000 km of sealed roads from 2012 to 2017, bringing the total length of sealed roads to 89,504 km at the end of 2017: local authorities.
People's Daily,China 22小时
A very special thank you! Pan Jiaxin, a 67-yr-old man in Wuhan, central China's Hubei province dances to show his gratitude to the medical staff when he is ready to leave the hospital after a cataract operation
People's Daily,China 23小时
is expected to see a total of over 30,000 licensed civil drone pilots in 2018, as the nation works to put the popular industry under standardized and professional regulation: Civil Aviation Administration of China
People's Daily,China 24小时
Chinese netizens on Wednesday took to social media to bid farewell to renowned physicist , whose works inspired millions around the world, including China
People's Daily,China 3月14日
: China must face the hardest task of institutional reform
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